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30 March 2023

HPP1 Chosen by UK Government

Vertex Hydrogen today welcomes the announcement from the UK Government that its initial HPP1 plant has been selected as one of only two carbon, capture, usage and storage hydrogen production projects to move into the next stage of bilateral negotiations with UK Government. Vertex Hydrogen is a key part of the Essar Energy Transition and is located at Essar’s Stanlow site at Ellesmere Port at the heart of the HyNet industrial decarbonisation cluster.

The HPP1 plant will produce some 350MW of hydrogen from 2026, making it one of the UK’s leading low carbon hydrogen businesses. Joe Seifert, CEO of Vertex Hydrogen, said: “The industrial revolution that led the development of the modern world, was founded and nurtured by the people and natural resources of the North West. Now the same region will lead this emerging low carbon hydrogen industry as a world leader in the race to NetZero. The news is great for the environment and great for the regional economy.”