our vision

Low carbon hydrogen will play a significant role in the UK energy market - initially for ‘hard to abate’ sectors such as industrial customers. This aligns with the UK government and the globally accepted strategy for decarbonising industry.

Our Mission

To be the leading low carbon hydrogen producer in the UK

We care about size and speed of delivery to make a real impact

We are targeting 4,000MW of low carbon hydrogen production by 2030

"Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."

Dr. Seuss
Children’s Author & Cartoonist

"This is the new extinction & we are halfway through it. We are in terrible, terrible trouble & the longer we wait to do something about it the worse it is going to get."

David Attenborough

"We are capable of great things when we have the desire to deliver."

Chandrayaan 3 Landing
23 August 2023

being responsible

Our Duty

  • Safety of our people & communities.
  • Deliver value for money for our stakeholders.

EET Hydrogen is a leading player in energy transition, which is developing one of the first large scale, low carbon hydrogen production hubs in the world.

This will produce (in its initial phases) 1,350MW of hydrogen capacity more than enough to power a city like Liverpool.

The impact of this initial phase:

Capturing some 2.5 million tonnes of carbon per annum - equivalent to taking 1.1 million cars off the roads and reducing regional industrial emissions by around 15%

Investing an expected £1 billion pounds in the UK’s largest industrial region (the North-West) to enable businesses to switch from fossil fuels to low carbon energy

Helping to secure and grow vital industries and jobs and unlocking billions of pounds of related investment

EET Hydrogen’s first plant (HPP1) was recently selected by the UK Government to progress as one of two initial large scale low carbon hydrogen production plants.

EET Hydrogen's HPP1
and HPP2 plants

Uniquely positioned

We are at the heart of the industrial northwest and located on one of the UK’s leading and strategically important refineries providing the ideal position, infrastructure and skills to deliver decarbonisation safely at speed and scale.


Our People

EET Hydrogen unifies a diverse group of people who are determined to build a better future and are excited to build the world’s first low carbon hydrogen hub.